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We can personalize anything you want.

Weddings, children, graduation, starting a small business, or 
anything you want to tell the world? 

We can make your own personal web site. 

It can be for your small business, hobbies, crafts, art, poetry, 
weddings, births, or family.

wedding cake

Personal and custom printing:

invitations, announcements, greeting cards, business cards, banners etc.

Also offer special crafts, art, and poetry

Computer advice and programs also available.


Here are some links to my works. Feel free to click and see.





Walling Wedding: The Walling wedding. Ceremony, Reception, and Honeymoon 9-13-97
My Best friends wedding: Pictures of my best friends wedding 8-15-99
Reyes Wedding: My good friends Karen and Reuben Reyes wedding 3-18-2000
Trimm Wedding: Angela and Jake got married in Las Vegas 3-14-02



Thomas Walling Memorial: In the memory of Thomas Walling a great man.
Art Hughes Memorial: In the memory of Art Hughes a great and creative artist.

Mama: In the memory of my grandmother who live to be 93.

Sandy Burr Memorial: In memory for a very kind and wonderful woman.

Emily Cobbs Memorial: In remembrance of a very beautiful person who touch many lives.

September 11, 2001 MemorialDark Day in America:
A memorial site dedicated to the victims when America was under attack September 11, 2001
This site has a lot of graphics please be patience

Dan Walling Benefit: A benefit to help Dan in is fight with cancer April 12, 2003



Angel Art; Pictures of many oil paintings by Angel
Poetry Hideout: Poetry for the heart and soul
Sonya Loving web site: This site has beautiful pictures from your dreams.
Benny Davis site: A collection of paintings from a very talent artist.



Freddie Everett Web site: Freddie Everett playing Texas rock and southern blues.
Freddie Everett Benefit: Benefit for Freddie to help him and his family
in his fight of a life threating disease.


Holiday Links

Thanksgiving 2000
Christmas 2000
New Years 2001

Easter 2001
July 4, 2001
Labor Day 2001
Halloween 2001
Halloween: the best Halloween party from Hell

Thanksgiving 2001
Christmas 2001
New Years 2002

Saint Patrick's Day 2002
Easter 2002
Mothers Day 2002
Memorial Day 2002
Fathers Day 2002
Fourth of July 2002
Labor Day 2002
Halloween 2002

Thanksgiving 2002
Christmas 2002
New Years 2003
Valentines Day 2003
Saint Patrick's Day 2003
Easter 2003
Mothers Day 2003
Memorial Day 2003
Fathers Day 2003
Fourth of July 2003
Labor Day 2003
Halloween 2003
Thanksgiving 2003
Christmas 2003
New Years 2004
Valentines 2004
St. Patrick Day 2004
Easter 2004
Mothers Day 2004
Memorial Day 2004
Fathers Day 2004
Fourth of July 2004
Labor Day 2004
Halloween 2004
Thanksgiving 2004
Christmas 2004
New Years 2005
Valentine Day 2005
St Pats Day 2005
Easter 2005
Mothers Day 2005
Memorial Day 2005
Fathers Day 2005
Fourth of July 2005
Labor Day 2005
Halloween 2005
Thanksgiving 2005
Christmas 2005
New Years 2006
St. Pats Day 2006
Easter 2006
Mothers Day 2006
Memorial Day 2006


Stella Rose 1st birthday
Stella Rose 2nd birthday
Stella Rose 3rd birthday


Lots of Slots: Party with friends with your own slot machine.
Sprint Sand & Clay:

Lifework Forum: A site where we discuss the activities that occupy and consume
most of our daily life.


The Psychedelic Hippie Page; A collection of weird graphic from the net.

Dot aka Nutball Kitty: Our fun new addition to the family.

Justaburnin:  The barbecue cookers. 

Links; to some of the graphic sites I get a few of my graphic from.
Thanks for sharing.

Links to family and friends

Adkins Family: My oldest sister site

Hurcoman: My brothers web site
Hurcoman home

DAWalling: Our first web site

Space Taker

Art of Chickenbutt

Lobos Den

Noska at Crescent City Tattoos


James Reese Project

Marco and Krista's Wedding Website


Some sites have a lot of graphics so please be patience.

Email me with any thoughts or ideals

E-mail me

People who have honor of my presence

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