The Texas Renaissance Festival
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The Texas Renfest is held usually in the late September
and ends in the middle of November.
It runs seven weeks and is only open on the weekends.
It is located in Todd Mission, Texas (but the mailing address is in Plantersville).
This is where the very first Renaissance Festival was held.
( I will give you the history later)
We go every year usually on the very last weekend. We always camp there.
That is were all the fun is.
Here is a collections of pictures from the many years we have been.
I hope you enjoy them.

Todd MissionThe Texas Renaissance
The Texas Renaissance

The opening show
The front of the Renfest.
They have a opening show everyday.
The Dragon Slayer
The dragon slayer.
The Renaissance Gypsy
One of the many really cool shops 
at the Renfest.

Us enjoying ourselves

King and Queen
The King and Queen with their ladies in waiting.
You can catch them sometimes enjoying the spirits.

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The Texas Renaissance Festival
21445 FM 1774
Plantersville, Tx 77363
Call or check out the web site for dates and info.

Many Lords and Ladies have honor us with their presents.

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